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Distributed photovoltaic market in China in 2017 will usher in explosive growth

          Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in "period, China's solar power installed capacity will reach 110 million kw or more, including distributed photovoltaic capacity is 60 million kw or more. At present, with the strength of government subsidy policy tilt, large and medium-sized enterprise development centre, 2017 distributed photovoltaic market will usher in explosive growth in China!

          With China's rising year by year, the amount of photovoltaic power station installed power station late operations management is particularly important. The current domestic market have all kinds of photovoltaic power station monitoring operational system, but there are good and bad are intermingled. At the same time because of the characteristic of the distributed geographically dispersed photovoltaic power station, the station of real-time monitoring and data collection is a great technical difficulties, and greatly increased the human operating costs. Distributed photovoltaic power station, then, how to combine the Internet of things technology, precise plant data, build the safe and stable communication network, effectively reduce the cost of power plant operations is to break through the market at present and solve the problem.

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