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China will take measures to promote seven Chinese auto parts and auto parts exports
Countries are taking stable export tax rebates, increased financial support and other seven initiatives to further promote China's auto parts exports. The state will keep the car stable export tax rebate policy, adhere to the "levy much, much back" principle, to maintain the 17% export tax rebate rate unchanged. Financial institutions are encouraged in many ways policy loans, mortgage loans and other support for export orders, export business financing. Focusing on the automotive, equipment manufacturing, electronic information industry exports. Other initiatives include support for independent innovation, accelerate the construction of the national automobile and spare parts export base, increase car exports public service platform support, encourage enterprises to carry out international cooperation and exchanges, to effectively deal with international trade barriers. According to "auto industry restructuring and revitalization plan" requirements, the Ministry of Commerce in conjunction with the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry, Administration of Quality Supervision and other relevant departments to draft "on the promotion of exports of automotive products continued healthy development of opinions", from product development, public information services, credit Insurance and other aspects of the relevant policy measures.
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