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Jiangyin Joinfly Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in robotics and robotic automation systems integration and application of high-tech enterprises. Main items are widely used in stamping equipment and non-standard equipment of feeding, handling, stacking and other processes, as well as welding non-standard products.
We adhere to the "safe, efficient, reduce labor intensity" design concept, tailored to customers a variety of automation solutions to meet customer demand for automation equipment and improve the service system.
We adhere to the "professionalism, integrity, innovation, win-win" business philosophy, science and technology research and development team led by professional, industry experienced engineers and technicians, through continuous technological progress and scientific management to the development of enterprises, to provide customers with better service.
Customer demand is our direction!
Market is the sole criterion for testing innovative!
Credibility is the fundamental guarantee for the development of enterprises!

service promise

Pre-sale service:

1, our company can provide customers with the perfect product introduction, selection of materials.

2, professional design and consulting services, recommend products suitable for the customer actual need.

3, good pre-sale service is the important guarantee to ensure that client interests, we equipped with professional and technical personnel

Pre-sale, consulting services for the customers, recommend suitable for customer actual need of equipment, avoid to bring customers due to improper selection for the benefit of the unnecessary loss.


Sale service:

1, to provide users with comprehensive technical support, cooperate with the user selection, provide economic and reasonable solution.

2, to provide users with free training, guide the installation and maintenance method, to determine the solution.

3, we guarantee the delivery date as stipulated in the contract and timely delivery for you.


After-sales service:

1, the service personnel active usage review the products on a regular basis.

2, consulting clients on a regular basis the workings of the equipment, preventive maintenance, and remind the customer to collect information at the same time, establish the classification of archives for the customer.

3, quality warranty: this company product quality assurance period is one year. In the warranty period, if the product itself quality problems, our company provided free of charge for free replacement, maintenance and other services

4, in the customer service department after received customer feedback the quality issue of product information, the company has professional and technical personnel to the telephone communication with customers, such as telephone or replacement parts couldn't find a solution, if the customer from my company headquarters or local office in the province of reach the site within 24 hours, 48 hours to solve the problem. If in the province, is far from the company, the company guarantee within 72 hours to solve the problem.

5, loss due to quality problems occurring in the course of spare parts, in the product warranty free replacement. For user operation problems or have after the warranty period of our company shall be at the cost price preferential supply.

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